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Tournament Info

The 19th Annual Grabine Classic is held at Grabine Lakeside State Park on the 23rd to the 25th of August with registrations at the park from 7am Friday the 23rd. Registration is $25 per person with $5 from each entry being donated to the Crookwell Community Trust which is a charity that provides immediate financial assistance to people of the Upper Lachlan Shire who are struck by tragedy and financial crisis. Also there is a total of over $20,000 in prizes to be won. Major prize is yet to be determined but will not disappoint . The major prize will be drawn as a raffle on Sunday the 25th of August from all entry forms so all you have to do to win is enter and be there for the draw! Prizes for fish will be longest Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Catfish, Carp and biggest bag of Carp caught over the weekend with both junior and senior divisions for all fish.

Our tournament is 100% Catch and Release tournament with photographic entries so make sure you (or someone your fishing with) bring a digital camera or a phone that can take a nice clear photo of your fish and a short video of your releasing your catch. All rules for how to enter fish will be explained upon registration. 

So bring your family or some mates and have a great weekend at the 19th Annual Grabine Classic!

The 2019 Entry Form can be downloaded here


Tournament Rules:


1. Competitors must be registered before a fish can be entered in to the competition.
2. Registration times at Grabine Function Centre will be: Friday 23rd August 2019 7:00am to 8:00pm, Saturday 24th August 2019 7:00am to 8:00pm and Sunday 25th August 2019 8:00am to 10:00am.
3. Fishing times will be from after registration 8:00am Friday 26th August 2016 and all pictures must be entered by Sunday 28th August 2016 10:00am.
4. All fish measured must be caught within the confines of Wyangala Dam.
5. All species caught must comply with fishing rules and regulations as required by NSW Fisheries.
6. Any competitor caught to be illegally fishing will be automatically disqualified and entry fees forfeited.
7. Catch and Release sections are: Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch and Catfish.
8. Major prize will be in the form of a lucky draw from all the registration forms. The winner must be present at the time of the draw and does not have to have caught a fish.
9. Both senior and junior prizes will be awarded. Winners must be in attendance at the time of presentation to receive their prizes or trophies.
10. All prizes will be awarded.
11. Only one prize per fish rule will apply.
12. If any fish are tied on exactly the same length a count back on time will apply with the fish being registered first to win.
13. Entrants will need to take a clear photo of their fish on their measuring mat with their unique ID tag on top of the fish (which the entrants will receive at registration).
14. The simple rule for catch and release photos will be if the committee cannot read the measurements in the photo, the fish cannot be entered.
15. Two photographs must be supplied:
a) A clear image of the fish on a Brag Mat (mat must in good condition, clean, not folded, not heavily creased or torn) with the ID tag sitting clearly on top of the fish, with the entire fish and measure clearly visible.
b) Another clear photo showing the fish being released.
16. Prizes will also be on offer for longest carp and most carp caught during the hours of the tournament.
17. No rotten or decayed carp will be weighted in, at the discretion of the Committee.
18. The Classic is open to all except members of the Grabine Freshwater Fishing Tournament Committee.
19. The Committee’s decision is final. Any competitor wishing to lodge a protest may do so in writing at the Function Centre to a Committee member. Such a protest must be made within the hour with the accompaniment of a protest fee of $150.00. The protest fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.
20. Any competitor found to be in breach of any of the above rules or regulations will be disqualified from the competition.
21. Registration is a flat fee of $25 for all entrants.

A quick guide for our photographic Catch and Release format.

A quick list of equipment you will need for this tournament includes:
1. A camera or a phone that can take a good quality photo. Not everyone needs a camera as long as someone you’re fishing with has one on hand and make sure it has plenty of battery!
2. A brag mat (measuring mat). Make sure the mat is in reasonable condition not torn, faded or excessively creased or folded. We will have brag mats (the same mat as the one in the top picture) at the tournament for $10. Again as with the camera not everyone will need a mat as long as you have one close at hand so your fish can be returned to the water as soon as possible.AND THAT’S IT!!!

Our format is based on the tried and tested format that is used at the Lake Burrendong Classic.

All you need to do to enter a fish is:
1. Catch a fish
2. Wet your brag mat down (keeps the fish healthy)
3. Lay the fish out on the brag mat with your numbered entry tag clearly in the photo (numbered tags that are given to you at entry).
4. Make sure the fish is straight with its nose against the end of the mat.
5. Take a nice clear photo of the fish, brag mat and your entry tag.
6. Check your photo is okay!
7. Take a photo or video of your fish being released safely back into the water.
8. Bring your camera or phone and entry tag in to us so we can view it.Remember if you can’t read the numbers on the brag mat then we may also have trouble reading them, so take another photo if you need to. If you want to take your fish home then simply don’t weigh it in.

There are no prizes for most fish caught and released or any for secret times or secret length. We have done this to stop people breaking the rules by registering the same fish multiple times.If fish the same length are entered the first fish entered will accepted as first, the fish entered second will be accepted as second and so forth. So don’t wait till Sunday morning to come and see us!Carp still need to be brought in and measured at a station.

I hope this helps answer any questions and I hope everyone will accept these changes and continue to support the tournament in this move towards a more sustainable fishing future for everybody.